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  1. Cut away all of the fat. Using kitchen shears, cut the breasts in half longways



  2. Lay the pieces on wax paper and lightly pound with a meat tenderizer. You can use a rolling pin but I like how the meat tenderizer pierces the meat allowing the seasonings to seep into the meat while drying.


  3. Place the pounded pieces in a medium size bowl and add the seasonings. Over time I have learned these are Kirby’s favorite combo for his chicken chompers but you can use any combination of dog safe herbs your dog may prefer.


  4. Using your hands, toss the chicken to thoroughly coat with the seasonings.


  5. Place the chicken in the dehydrator on wax paper to avoid sticking.


  6. Let dry on high until the top side has dried to the touch, roughly an hour.


  7. Turn pieces over and discard the wax paper. Let them dehydrate until thoroughly dried which will take several hours. I like to start these early Saturday morning so they are ready by Sunday.


  8. take a very long time but it’s healthy protein with no worry of recalls.


  9. When done you can store them in an air tight container in a dark, cool place. They can be frozen for several months but Kirby and our foster usually finish them off in about a week.


  10. Thaw chicken then rinse well under cool water.