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  1. Place the coconut in your food processor or blender and mix on high speed scraping down the sides often for about 15 to 20 minutes or until a thick paste is formed. The coconut will go through three stages – first the texture will be finely shredded, then thin out into a grainy liquid, then finally turn into a somewhat smooth, thick mixture. The finished butter will seem runny but when you taste it the texture will be like a thick, slightly grainy peanut butter.


  2. Pour the butter into a small glass jar with a lid and enjoy.Try making different flavored coconut butters: mix 1 tablespoon carob powder with 1/4 cup coconut butter, 1 tablespoon peppermint oil with 1/4 cup coconut butter, or 1 tablespoon cinnamon with 1/4 cup coconut butter.


  3. If it refuses to turn to butter add just the tiniest bit of coconut oil to the blender.


  4. The consistency depends on room temperature. In warm climates it is a thick liquid. In cold climates it solidifies in to a hard, wax-like substance. To bring it back to a butter consistency zap it for about 10 seconds in the microwave.